“Uuughhh… I hate the business stuff.”

“Uuughhh… I hate the business stuff.”

Probably the biggest challenge I face helping in artists is not getting them to separate their finances, agree on a logo, improve their online presence, but getting them to adapt to little things that should eventually become part of their everyday life, just like showering, well hopefully showering.

You have great music, things to say, and fans, but you don’t make getting on your Facebook fan page for a couple minutes each day to say hi, tell them what you are working on, ideas you have, how your fans can participate, etc. If is all you do is go on your Facebook fan page when you want something from them – come to a show or buy a cd – fans will eventually tune out. They want to connect with you, feel like you understand them, things like that.
[being a real person, involving them, expanding to groups and other sites.]
So you are finally getting some great gigs. Great! And maybe you post them on Facebook and maybe a tenth of your Facebook fans see that post and maybe a tenth of that actually go. So you don’t really put too much effort into posting because it doesn’t seem to work. Well yeah… Because your strategy is wrong. There are some small things you are missing in this process that can make a huge difference. Think about what they may be.
[adding to calendars – in one shot, as soon as you close a gig, only selling, not using hashtags.]
And you have finally put your big boy pants on and not only committed to separating out your personal finances from your business, but also to be responsible by keeping track of your business expenses using a tool like Quickbooks online. But wait, are you even a business yet? Let’s chat about that later. Say you are, and you have everything set up, but you wait until the end of the month or some other time later to go in and enter all those transactions. You don’t remember half of them, what those ATM withdrawals were for, were that cash came from or went… sigh, you’re frustrated and now you HATE accounting. Hmmm… what really quick things could you have done along the way to make your accounting a breeze and no bigger deal than let’s say…. going to band practice every week.
[entering in on your phone as you spend, deposit, keeping receipts with notes on them, keep checkbook with your cash.]
Let me reiterate though, if the process for these little steps aren’t working for you, and thus causing you to not do them, which thus means more work and probably headaches later on, then CHANGE THE PROCESS. The outcome of what you need to do is still the same but there are different ways of getting there.

There is a great article I came across that I think everyone should read. And perhaps, blow up, and keep in your room or office as a daily reminder.

How to get stuff done

by Tom Dunn

I personally prefer clients write down the following:


What does your dream look like, with listable attributes?


What they are doing well now to set up the roots of their trees


What they still need to do build firm roots upon which a forest grow from.


What they need to do along the way to keep those roots running like a well oiled machine.


With the roots running on their own, what can they do now to reach their dream.

Goal Setting0%
  1. NO ONE can do all this by themselves. So part of this includes who wants to help you build this dream.
  2. It also means posting your schedule right in front of you so you have to face it, saying to yourself, ok, when can I commit EVERY DAY for ME time. Yup, me time, not music time. An hour or so each day, just for you. What places can you go just by yourself, to just do nothing? To just let your mind roam? To let yourself de-stress and catch up on those bills, laundry, eat a health meal… Now, take a marker and add it to your schedule.
  3. Then, when can you schedule in EVERY DAY time to work on your dream. What places can you go that inspire you, that let your mind be free to write music, where you can be free of distractions to work on whatever business tasks that need to be done.
  4. And lastly, if you dream involves more than just you, when EVERY WEEK, can you find team for your band and/or team to just hang out, not deal with business stuff, maybe not even write music, to just be friends.

Seems impossible? Well that dream of yours will be impossible if you don’t make time for you and it every day.

This is so overused, but no,

Rome was not built in a day.

Neither are those muscles you are working on. Your mind, body, soul, and dreams all deserve the time it needs just like those muscles, your significant other, (sorry significant other, but this is for you too.), and whoever else.





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