Logo and Branding Development

Logo and Branding Development

Developing a logo for an artist or other entity is much more than just about the logo itself. It’s about creating branding, a family of graphics that all work together, and that are tied and created around the core logo.

A great logo should have the minimum characteristics:

  • a combination of words/abbreviations and a simple graphic whereas:
    • the words or initials in a unique font that can be pulled out and stand on its own
    • and the simple graphics that can be pulled out and stand on its own as well
  • clean, high res enough to allow for multiple uses, from a pin to a Tshirt, to a poster, to a stage backdrop
  • unique characteristics that align with the artist’s branding, messaging, and targeted audience.

While these aren’t the best pictures and examples, here are a few I recently shot to portray what I am thinking.



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